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Coot Scoot by Merhlin
Coot Scoot
I struggle (more times than not)  to get the exposure dialed-in on coots. They require good light, are almost always in motion,  appear almost black in most light and have a deep red eye that isn't always visible. I'm rather proud of this one Though I see many just as good here on Deviant. Finally I can consider one of mine to be one of the good ones. More background would have been nice but you have to take what they give you. They are quite shy here and will always take a wide berth around you or flee altogether. 
A Northern Shoveler Pair by Merhlin
A Northern Shoveler Pair
Northern shovelers feed by dabbling and sifting in shallow water. Seeds of sedges, bulrushes, saw grass, smartweeds, pondweeds, algae and duckweeds, as well as aquatic insects, mollusks and crustaceans, are consumed by filtering water which is taken in at the bill tip and jetted out at the base.

I will add though, that I've observed them dabbling in deep water as well and often in large, tightly bunched groups which spin in the same direction with their bills down, sifting through the water. 
Dead Martin (2) by Merhlin
Dead Martin (2)
An actor acquaintance of mine has created a role and a variety show around this persona he calls "Dead Martin" (a vague reference to Dean Martin.) He is the brain-child behind a program called The Dead Marin Variety Hour. He finds "acts" in Wichita, (some good, talented and/or funny and some so awful they are fumy.) He then puts them together to make a variety show of approximately one hour's length. The audience is usually in varying degrees of inebriation as there is a bar at this theatre where it's put on. The more successful acts are sometimes invited back to perform again. This happens on the last Friday of each month at 11:00 p.m.. It was hoped it would attract local theatre buffs, directors and actors who are out of their own show (by that time) and looking to relax and laugh. There was a good first turnout, the second had an even better attendance and it's looking like it may become a popular thing to do in Wichita.  I took a series of pictures of "Dean" in different poses in different locations using HDR. It's the first time I've worked with HDR in photographing people. I was very pleased with the results. Hope to do it again.   
So what, exactly, does that mean?
I think it means they have a more discerning eye.  ;)  lol


United States
Music, photography, spirituality and philosophy are my interests.



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